Several years ago, I realized that I was connected to so many amazingly talent leaders. I also realized that most of the leaders I am connected to were not connected to one another. I know you are probably thinking that we have so many social media platforms and networking events to connect with likeminded individuals so this situation is no different than many you have heard. Well I wanted to put a “JP Spin” on the situation. So, I contacted all of these powerful people and announced the goals of AOE Intl (#AOEIntl). As I figured everyone was all about making things stronger and official. So, let me tell you a bit more about AOE Intl…

Our Mission:

To lead through accountability, educate, empower, and elevate. Through our businesses we will transform lives and enrich our communities.

Our goal/Who We Are:

We are the hub…the connector for entrepreneurs, organizations, and businesses. We are the leaders of cultivating resources, educating, and creating leaders through giving. We promote organic growth in businesses, communities, and leaders. We are a power house of leverage.

The Army of Entrepreneurs learn together, we support one another, yet we actively challenge one another to be our best selves from the inside out. We share knowledge and resources freely because we all understand the power in being Servant Leaders. We are also very clear on the fact that no matter what we are all super within our strengths. The other incredible thing about AOE Intl is that we realize that our strength lies in the strength of our communities, so we are very active in making a positive impact with our direct actions.

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