Have you ever been pushed to your limit on social media by a client, potential client, or follower? How did you handle it? The subject of how businesses should “behave” on social media is a touchy situation. I have heard it all…” That was on my personal page, not my business page” “People try you on the web and business owner or not I will not allow it” “Everyone isn’t my customer, so I’m not trying to please everyone”.  The truth of the matter is the moment you decide to become a business owner or entrepreneur everything you do is connected to your business. Being mindful of the message you send on social media is heightened (in my opinion) when you are a business owner. There are several ways to show personality and engage on social media without putting your brand at risk. As a coach and mentor, I encourage everyone to have those risky venting moments in private via text, phone call, or journal. You are a walking and talking billboard for your business, your messaging must be in alignment with your goals and the culture of your business. I’m often asked how do I cope when I’m having a “moment”, I have several outlets that help me. I work out, I connect with a friend, I pray, I read, I pull out my drum sticks and drum pad (forever a snare drummer #CochranCadets #Royalaires) now I write as well. There are even times that I put some extra effort into a project or two. I understand that we will get frustrated, angry, annoyed, tested, tried, even disrespected at times…you must rely on emotional intelligence to get you through. Professionalism is a high priority for any business, but with small businesses we must take all interactions seriously. We should be the bigger person in situations that are highly emotional at times. When I find myself getting upset I try to focus on the root cause of the challenge, often when you control your emotions you can solve the issue without any damage to your brand.  I think above all you protect your brand and your professionalism and problem-solving skills will win you more clients than proving a point to one individual. At least that is what I tell myself when I’m in that situation ?. What are your thoughts? Do you have some pointers to give? Leave your thoughts and comments below.

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