How often are you afraid? In business…in life? How do you handle those thoughts and feelings? I was having a conversation about fear with a member of #AOEIntl and thought it was worth sharing. It is far too easy to become complacent with where you are in life, relationships, and business. I was asked do I ever get scared…the answer is ABSOLUTELY all the time. I find myself in those situations all the time, so I learned to reach out to get the encouragement I needed to DO IT SCARED! There is a lot of positive self talk, a lot of support from those around me, I pray about it (not forcing that on anyone just my preference), and I am very transparent about being afraid. What I have realized is that I’m more afraid of regret than anything…so with the jitters and all I go for it! Now don’t get me wrong the delivery isn’t always smooth, but I actually still DO IT! I can get better and smoother with time, but you can’t usually go back to missed opportunities. The point is to push past your fear and to continue to do so. Being comfortable means being complacent and we haven’t come this far to stall out! Don’t forget to like, follow, share, repost, comment on social media:

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