I’m sure you are wondering what the title is all about considering the subject matters of previous blogs. First let me apologize for the long delay. Now lets get to the matter at hand…. The Chase. Ok here we go, over the last several months I have been coaching and leading workshops on podcasting as well as leveraging social media and analytics. I have seen a common theme in during the Q&A portion, most people want to know the following:


  1. How long should a podcast be?
  2. How often should they publish new episodes?
  3. How often should they promote their podcast?


From my personal point of view there is no right, wrong, or single answer to any of these questions. What I do suggest is that you don’t “chase” the podcast. Here is what I mean, how long should a podcast be…it should be based on the length of time it takes you to deliver a quality message. How often should you publish a new episode…think about your schedule, how often you can record and then determine the frequency of releasing episodes. How often should you promote your podcast…use feedback and analytics to determine the when, what, where, and frequency of promotion. There is no magic trick to this, you have to put in the work, analyze, create a plan, execute, review, adjust if needed, and then repeat.


The biggest point I want to make is that I want to encourage people to NOT CHASE the platform. Instead set it up to work with and for you. Over the years I have seen some great podcasts become inactive because the host was chasing the results instead of creating the results. Keep in mind that the podcast world is new to you, so you must account for recording, editing, promotion, and distribution. Consider the quality of your content, setting up guests for interviews, and all of the back office/admin duties. Give yourself time to develop and grow. Focus on being disciplined in your distribution. I know there is excitement in starting something new, but the reward is the strategic planning results. Take your time, there is an audience waiting for you to be great!


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