2020 is the year that has challenged a lot of us in ways we couldn’t imagine. There are so many people fighting for mental, emotional, financial stability. Businesses are suffering and trying to push through with little to no assistance. Everyone has had to pivot in one way or another, that pivot is and has been the source of stress and anxiety. The challenge is that most people have not been hit so severely in every aspect of their lives. Not only are individuals suffering, we are often watching those we love suffer. Watching a loved one suffer without being able to assist adds another level of challenge to our daily lives. This pandemic has proven that you can never be too prepared in your household, in your job, and in your business. We aren’t here to say what anyone should do; we just want to extend our thoughts and prayers to anyone suffering. We want to say that we appreciate each one of you, and pray that you find all you need in your faith to push through!

With Love,

JP CEO, TBII, and DJ Raydar: Testimony Tuesday Radio #PraiseURWay


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