Welcome back to Say It In 7 With JP CEO GOOD PEOPLE!!! We hope all is well and that July has been kind to you so far. This week we will jump into a conversation that has been making its rounds lately. The inflation has everyone looking at ways to save. I have a few tips, but as my normal disclaimer I want to stress that these are just suggestions. Things I am doing to help save and prepare as we navigate through this. So, here we go!!!

  1. Reduce your grocery bill: Reduce your grocery bill as much as possible. We shop in bulk and grab as many bargains as possible. We have introduced several meatless meals to our menu.
  2. Reduce driving: Be strategic about your trips, make them count.
  3. Save any loose change you have or find.
  4. Go over your apps and all subscriptions, get rid of any of them that doesn’t serve you.
  5. Look over your budget and make any adjustments that will assist in keeping more money in your accounts.
  6. Avoid any level of fees.
  7. This one I want you to spend some time thinking about. Maximize your streams of revenue and/or create a new one where you are solving a problem.


What are you doing to save? Are your preparing for the colder months? Share your tips/suggestions. Email us at jp@unheardmedia.biz and put Say It In 7 in the subject line. Until next time!!!!


Be Great! Be Well!




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